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Selected topics in Wireless Network Optimization

General Information:

•Location: HFT 131

•Time: Mo 14-16 (winter semester)

•Duration: 17.10.2016-13.02.2017

•Language: English


- Axiomatic framework for interference modeling, existence and uniqueness of fixed points, fixed-point
algorithms, applications of standard interference functions
- Theoretical framework for resource allocation and interference management (feasibility re- gions,
network utility maximization, QoS support, convexity issues, proportional fairness, max-min fairness,
efficiency versus fairness trade-off)
- Centralized and decentralized algorithmic solutions for joint power control and beamforming with and
without QoS requirements.
- Noiseles Network Coding: Max-Flow-Min-Cut-Theorem (MFMC-Theorem) for Digraphs and related
algorithms, linear network codes, algorithms for achieving the bound from MFMC-Theorem with linear
network codes
- Network Coding in noisy wireless networks : Communication over Relays , distributed computation over
noisy channels
- Basics of Physical Layer Security: attack models, Wiretap channel, strong/weak secrecy, methods of
- Physical Layer Security in wireless networks: Optimal communication scenarios in presence of
active/passive wiretappers and untrusted Relays, distributed computation for secrecy, characterization and computing of secrecy regions

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