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Book Chapters

Journal Publications

Z. Ren and S. Stanczak and P. Fertl (2015). An Optimization Framework for Energy Saving in 5G Nomadic Relaying Networks. Preprint

M. Goldenbaum and H. Boche and S. Stanczak (2015). Nomographic Functions: Efficient Computation in Clustered Gaussian Sensor Networks. IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., 2093–2105.

S. Maghsudi and S. Stanczak (2015). Hybrid Centralized-Distributed Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Communication Underlaying Cellular Networks. IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., 2481-2495.

S. Maghsudi and S. Stanczak (2015). Channel Selection for Network-Assisted D2D Communication via No-Regret Bandit Learning With Calibrated Forecasting. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 1309-1322.

F. Penna and S. Stanczak (2015). Decentralized Eigenvalue Algorithms for Distributed Signal Detection in Cognitive Networks. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 63(2):427-440, Jan. 2015

R. Cavalcante and S. Stanczak and M. Schubert and A. Eisenblätter and U. Türke (2014). Toward Energy-Efficient 5G Wireless Communications Technologies. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, vol. 31, no. 6, pp. 24-34, Nov. 2014

M. Goldenbaum and S. Stanczak (2014). On the Channel Estimation Effort for Analog Computation Over Wireless Multiple-Access Channels. IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 261-264.

G. Cao and P. Jung and S. Stanczak (2014). Low Cost Error Correction for Multi-hop Data Aggregation Using Compressed Sensing. IEICE Trans. on Information and System

A. Giovanidis and Q. Liao and S. Stanczak (2014). Measurement-Adaptive Cellular Random Access Protocols. Wireless Networks. Springer Verlag (Germany), 1495-1514.

Conference, Symposium, and Workshop Papers

C. Ma and M. Zheng and W. Liang and M. Kasparick and Y. Lin (2020). Deploying Two-Tiered Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networks Supporting In-Network Computation. 18th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN), Warwick, UK, 2020

R. L.G. Cavalcante and S. Stanczak (2020). Hybrid data and model driven algorithms for angular power spectrum estimation. IEEE GLOBECOM 2020, December 7 - 11, in Taipei, Taiwan

D.F. Külzer and S. Stanczak and R. L.G. Cavalcante and M. Botsov (2020). Predictive Resource Allocation for Automotive Applications using Interference Calculus. IEEE Globecom 2020, December 7-11, in Taipei, Taiwan

D. F. Preciado Rojas and A. Mitschele-Thiel (2020). A scalable SON coordination framework for 5G. IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium, April 2020

D. F. Preciado Rojas, F. Nazmetdinov and A. Mitschele-Thiel (2020). Zero-touch coordination framework for Self-Organizing Functions in 5G. IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, April 2020

F. Göttsch, J. Fink, M. Kasparick (2020). Proactive Resource Allocation for the Coexistence of Concurrent Services. 24th International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA 2020), Hamburg, Germany, 18-20 Feb. 2020

R. Lindstedt, M. Kasparick, J. Pilz and S. Jaeckel (2020). An Open Software-Defined-Radio Platform for LTE-V2X And Beyond. 2020 IEEE 92nd Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2020-Fall), Victoria, BC Canada, 2020

H. Sh, M. Zheng, W. Liang, J. Zhang and M. Kasparick (2020). AODR: A Novel Retransmission Scheme for WIA-FA Networks. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Dublin, Ireland, 2020, pp. 1-6

R. Hernangómez and A. Santra and S. Stanczak (2019). Human Activity Classification with Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. RADAR 2019 International Conference, 23-27 Sept. 2019, Toulon, France

I. Bjelakovic and M. Frey and S. Stanczak (2019). Distributed Approximation of Functions over Fast Fading Channels with Applications to Distributed Learning and the Max-Consensus Problem. 57th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, 24-27 Sept. 2019 in Urbana, IL, USA, arXiv:1907.03777



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