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O. Bulakci and Z. Ren and C. Zhou and J. Eichinger and P. Fertl and D. Gozalvez-Serrano and S. Stanczak (2015). Towards Flexible Network Deployment in 5G:Nomadic Node Enhancement to Heterogeneous Networks. IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) - Workshop on Heterogeneous Converged Networks

Y. Chang and S. Stanczak and C. Zhou (2015). Throughput Scaling for Random Hybrid Wireless Networks with Physical-Layer Network Coding. Proc. IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW)

J. Dommel and L. Thiele and T. Wirth and T. Haustein (2015). Centralized Coordination in Dense Wireless Indoor Communication Networks. ITG - Fachtagung

T. Wirth and M. Mehlhose and J. Pilz and R. Lindstedt and D. Wieruch and B. Holfeld and T. Haustein (2015). An advanced hardware platform to verify 5g wireless communication concepts. 2015 IEEE 81st Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), pp. 1–5, May 2015

R.L.G. Cavalcante and E. Pollakis and S. Stanczak (2014). Load Estimation in LTE systems with the General Framework of Standard Interference Mappings. Proc. 2nd IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP)

Z. Ren and S. Stanczak and P. Fertl (2014). Activation of Nomadic Relay Nodes in Dynamic Interference Environment for Energy Saving. Proc. IEEE Global Telecommunication Conference (GLOBECOM)

R. L. G. Cavalcante and E. Pollakis and S. Stanczak (2014). Power estimation in LTE systems with the general framework of standard interference mappings. 2014 IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP), 818-822.

Z. Ren and M. Shabeeb and S. Stanczak and P. Fertl and L. Thiele (2014). A Distributed Algorithm for Energy Saving in Nomadic Relaying Networks. Proc. 48th Annual Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers

S. Limmer and S. Stanczak (2014). On ℓp-norm computation over multiple-access channels. Information Theory Workshop (ITW), 2014 IEEE

A. Kortke and M. Goldenbaum and S. Stanczak (2014). Analog Computation Over the Wireless Channel: A Proof of Concept. Proc. IEEE Sensors


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