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Dr.-Ing. Daniyal Amir Awan

I have doctorate in electrical engineering from Technical University of Berlin. I work as a research associate at TU Berlin and as a guest researcher at the Wireless Communication and Networks Department, Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin. My research revolves around application of optimization theory, function approximation, and machine-learning to problems in wireless communication systems. I am currently working in the following directions:

1. Set-membership & robust function approximation in dynamic wireless networks with a small sample set. 

2. Nonlinear detection for multi-user uplink using the set-membership paradigm.

3. Energy optimization in future wireless networks. 


Joint Optimization of Coverage, Capacity and Load Balancing in Self-Organizing Networks
Citation key Joint2016
Author Q. Liao and D. A. Awan and S. Stanczak
Year 2016
Journal Preprint available at: arXiv:1607.04754, 8 pages, 6 figures
Abstract This paper develops an optimization framework for self-organizing networks (SON). The objective is to ensure efficient network operation by a joint optimization of different SON functionalities, which includes capacity, coverage and load balancing. Based on the axiomatic framework of monotone and strictly subhomogeneous function, we formulate an optimization problem for the uplink and propose a two-step optimization scheme using fixed point iterations: i) per base station antenna tilt optimization and power allocation, and ii) cluster-based base station assignment of users and power allocation. We then consider the downlink, which is more difficult to handle due to coupled variables, and show downlink-uplink duality relationship. As a result, a solution for the downlink is obtained by solving the uplink problem. Simulations show that our approach achieves a good trade-off between coverage, capacity and load balancing.
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