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Guidelines for Bachelor and Master Theses Work at NetIT

Freitag, 06. Juli 2018

The following rules and remarks have to be considered by thesis candidate students
and their technical advisors:

0. Official advisors for bachelor and master thesis can be professors or Dr.- habil. Two advisors are needed for each thesis.

1. The thesis student begins his/her work on the thesis after the work task has been issued by the TU-Berlin administration (Prüfungsamt).

2. A first brainstorming meeting with the candidate, the official advisor and the technical advisor has to be arranged at the beginning, as a thesis work kickoff.

3. After this initial discussion, within two weeks, the student, with the aid and supervision of his/her technical advisor, should come back with a plan with milestones and some bibliography base. The following topics can be addressed in this meeting:

  • a. Has this problem been addressed before, in some form?
  • b. What do we want to do with respect to existing work?
  • c. Are there related works and/or studies, software, experiments, that can be regarded as a starting point for the student work?

4. The technical advisor should have regular consultations with the thesis student. He has to report serious deviations from the work plan to the official advisor in sufficient time.

5. After about half of the work duration (master thesis work duration: 6 months, bachelor thesis work duration 4 months) a presentation about the achieved results and the further work plan is given by the thesis student to the official advisor and the technical advisor. Adjustments can be made to the work plan.

6. A final presentation of the thesis is mandatory according to the rules (StuPO) after the thesis is finished and delivered to the TU-Berlin administration (Prüfungsamt).



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