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On-going PhD Theses

Aksoy, Enes: Digital map based environment modelling (Technical University of Berlin)

Bezmenov, Maria: Resource Allocation for V2V Communication (Technical University of Berlin)

Dommel, Johannes: Resource Management for Non-orthogonal Multiple Access in Wireless Communication Networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Fink, Jochen: Highly Reliable Low Latency Mobile M2M Communications (Technical University of Berlin)

Frey, Matthias: Feasible Coding for the Wiretap Channel and Operational Implications (Technical University of Berlin)

Hernangómez Herrero, Rodrigo: Adaptive Machine Learning Classification for Radar Sensing (Technical University of Berlin)

Külzer, Daniel: Machine learning for Quality of Service provisioning in vehicular communications (Technical University of Berlin)

Panthangi Manjunath, Ramya: Radio Resource Management for Ultra-Reliable Machine Type Communications (Technical University of Berlin)

Preciado Rojas, Diego Fernando: Conflict detection and resolution between SON functions in next generation networks based on big data analysis and artificial intelligence (Technical University of Berlin)

Raceala Motoc, Miruna: Compute-and-Forward for Radio Access: Coding Schemes and Network Applications (Technical University of Berlin)

Raschkowski, Leszek: 5G Radio Propagation Framework: Measurement and Modeling Methodology (Technical University of Berlin)

Vural, Metin: Anti-Sparse Representation and Applications (Technical University of Berlin)

Finished PhD Theses

Wieruch, Dennis (2021): Compressive Sensing based Dynamic Spectrum Access for Interference-Networks (Universität Bremen)

Mortavazi, Sanaz (2021): Investigation and Characterization of In-Vehicle EMC Coupling Mechanisms of Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Communication Systems (Technical University of Berlin)

Awan, Daniyal Amir (2020): Robust learning in wireless networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Botsov, Mladen (2020): Radio resource management for automotive device-to-device communication in future cellular networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Limmer, Steffen (2019): Distributed and sparse signal processing https://depositonce.tu-berlin.de/handle/11303/9010(Technical University of Berlin)

Mohammadi, Jafar (2017): Security by similarity: information-theoretic secrecy and decentralized detection algorithms for wireless networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Peter, Michael (2017): Measurement, characterization and modeling of millimeter-wave channels (Technical University of Berlin)

Pollakis, Emmanuel (2017): Towards energy aware wireless network operation - Analysis and algorithms for load aware network topology control (Technical University of Berlin)

Ren, Zhe (2017): Energy savings in 5G automotive nomadic relaying networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Weiler, Richard J. (2017): Channel investigation of outdoor millimeter-wave access links (Technical University of Berlin)

Liao, Qi (2016): Statistical learning, anomaly detection, and optimization in self-organizing networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Kaliszan, Michael (2015): Performance limits and distributed optimization in wireless interference and multicast networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Kasparick, Martin (2015): Towards Self-Organizing Wireless Networks: Adaptive Learning, Resource Allocation and Network Control (Technical University of Berlin)

Maghsudi, Setareh (2015): Distributed resource allocation in wireless networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Finished Master Theses

Zafar, Hammad (2021): Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Distributed Resource Sharing in V2X Communication (Technical University of Munich)

Sharma, Ashish Sanjay (2021): Towards A Scalable Software- Defined Wireless Network Architecture (Technical University of Berlin)

Ray, Friedrich Henning (2021): Laufzeitmessung von räumlich verteilten Triggerereignissen mittels synchronisierter Referenzuhren (Technical University of Berlin)

Uçak, Utku (2021): Uplink-Downlink Covariance Conversion in FDD Massive MIMO Systems (RWTH Aachen)

Brune, Jan Jonas (2021): Deep Unfolding with Application to Multicast Beamforming (Technical University of Berlin)

Smyth, Jonathan (2021): Feedback Channels for Multicast Signals in 3GPP LTE and 5G New Radio Networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Möckel, Christian (2021): Explaining Support Vector Machines via Neural Networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Bender, Franz (2021): Non-asymptotic Channel Estimation for Secrecy Maps (Technical University of Berlin)

Yuan, Chun (2021): Localization from Incomplete Radio Distances in Industry Environments (Technical University of Berlin)

Buse, Lukas (2021): 5G NR PUSCH Channel Estimation using Convolutional Neural Networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Chen, Yang (2020): Multilateral Multi-issue Bargaining Process with Application in Edge Computing (Technical University of Berlin)

Göttsch, Fabian (2020): Proactive Resource Allocation for the Coexistence of Concurrent Services (Technical University of Berlin)

Heshmati, Mehdi (2020): Spiking Neural Networks for Signal Processsing and Learning in Radio Access Applications (Technical University of Berlin)

Shen, Zhengcheng (2020): Channel Charting: A Deep-Learning Perspective (Technical University of Berlin)

Saeid, Yasser (2019): Deep learning for channel representation and user clustering in radio access (Technical University of Berlin)

Zacharias, Maximilian (2019): NR link level abstraction methods using effective SINR mapping (Technical University of Berlin)

Alattar, Amer (2018): Multi-Kernel Methods for Channel Gain Cartography (Technical University of Berlin)

Du, Song (2018): Realizing flexible Wireless Network Function Placement using P4 (Technical University of Berlin)

Groß, Tobias (2018): Wireless Indoor Localization of IoT-Devices with Side-Information (Technical University of Berlin)

Hamdan, Abdulsalam (2018): Asymmetrical Full-Duplex Scheme in Broadband HFC Networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Piechotta, Tom (2018): GSM Remote Control (Technical University of Berlin)

Hamdan, Abdulsalam (2017): Asymmetrical Full-Duplex Scheme in Broadband HFC Networks (Technical University of Berlin)

Gehrmann, Andreas (2016): Positioning in Urban Aeras (Technical University of Berlin)

Fähse, Stephan (2015): User Grouping and Beam-forming Using a Large Scale Antenna Array (Technical University of Berlin)

Barth, Benjamin (2014): Interference-aware scheduling in a Multi-Beam Satellite System (Technial University of Berlin)

Ebenye Mouangue, Gaelle Sonnia (2014): Grenzen der Anwendbarkeit von Ergebnissen optimaler Chirpsounder für aktives Single-Site-Locating (Technical University of Berlin)

Gruhl, Tina (2014): Entwicklung von SON-Strategien für ein Call-Trace basiertes, lokalisationsunabhängiges Mobility Load-Balancing (Technical University of Berlin)

Knust, Paul-Philipp (2014): Coordinated Interference Alignment in Multi-Cell OFDM Systems (Technical University of Berlin)

Awan, Daniyal Amir (2013): Cross layer mechanism for self-organizing networks and cooperative resource allocation (Technical University of Berlin)

Torregrosa Fuentes, Pedro (2012): Max-Min SIR Balancing Power Control in Wireless Interference Networks With Energy Harvesting Nodes (Technical University of Berlin)

Stoyavljevic, Petra (2011): Energy-Aware Communication Strategies for Relay-Enhanced Cellular Networks: LTE-A Case Study (Technical University of Berlin)

Finished Bachelor Theses

Paetzelt, Alexander (2018): Easily expandable wireless intrusion detected system. A microservice approach (Technical University of Berlin)

Huhndorf, Felix (2017): Using Clock Synchronized Software-Defined Radio Systems with a Large Scale Antenna System for User Equipment Localization (Technical University of Berlin)

Jianei, Zhoung (2016): Software Implementation and nomerical Evaluation (Technical University of Berlin)

Zhang, Jiawei (2016): Software Implemantation and Numerical Evaluation of Binary and Non-Binary Short Codes (Technical University of Berlin)

Kübler, Inna (2012): Energy Efficient Radio Resource Management of Indoor Deployed Small Cells Based on Wideband Precoding Optimization (Technical University of Berlin)

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